Monthly Archives: February 2014

More Functional Code

In LilyPond news, now that I have learned something about functional programming, I have been rewriting large swaths of the scheme code in the file in a more functional style and making general improvements along the way. This primarily includes the code for accidentals, key signatures, and putting notes on the correct side of the stem (for smaller intervals like major seconds). To give some sense of scope, the file was previously just over 1030 lines of code and is now only about 815. These are all “under-the-hood” improvements found in the current file available on the Software:LilyPond page.

Update: the “” file was renamed “” on May 15, 2017.

Clairnote Print Handout

This website does a nice job of introducing and promoting Clairnote, but sometimes there’s no substitute for print media. So I recently created a handout that introduces Clairnote. It was a challenge to fit everything on two pages (one sheet, front and back) but all the most important points made it in, along with some helpful illustrations (at sufficiently high resolution). If anyone would like to print, share, or otherwise distribute it, here is the PDF file. (I still plan to return to the topics mentioned in the previous post, time permitting.)