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Sheet Music Library Now With Search

Just a quick post to announce that I have revamped the Clairnote Sheet Music Library, providing a number of improvements. Adding search was the primary motivation.  Previously you had to rely on your browser’s “find text on the page” feature to approximate search functionality.  Now we have real search as we’ve come to expect, with only the relevant results shown, sorted by how well they match the search term(s). Continue reading

Chords in Clairnote

Have you ever wondered what chords look like in Clairnote?  Including the more complex chords used in Jazz music?  A new Chords page has been added to this site that illustrates all the major and minor triads in Clairnote, in root position, first inversion, and second inversion.  It also includes an illustration of 46 more complex “jazz” chords, complete with audio playback. Continue reading