Clairnote SN Learning Game

Learn to read notes and intervals in Clairnote SN by playing this simple game! Click the start button and notes will appear on the upper staff. Try to identify them one by one by clicking the correct note on the keyboard below the staves.

For a new challenge, you can select a different set of notes or intervals by using the menus above the staves that begin with “Notes:” and “1 Octave:”. You can also change the number of notes or intervals that are shown on the staff by using the “N at a Time” menu.

The score is the total number of correct responses minus the number of incorrect responses. If you hover your cursor over the score with your mouse, you can see the breakdown of correct and incorrect responses.

The “Notes: Trumpet” game helps you learn trumpet fingerings, and it assumes that you are reading notes in concert pitch and playing them on a B-flat trumpet. (Note: this is not the usual way music for B-flat instruments is written in traditional music notation, where a B-flat note is written as a C.)