Learn all about Clairnote SN and how it makes music easier to read and learn. Start with this interactive "AudioVisualizer" which lets you see and hear the notes that you play on an on-screen keyboard (or a Janko-style keyboard , guitar, violin, or mandolin).

In addition to the notes you play, you can also see and hear scales, intervals, and modes. For more discussion and illustrations check out the Staff, Scales, and Intervals pages.

(Note that Clairnote SN's clefs, key signatures, and accidental signs are not shown above. When these elements are included Clairnote SN conveys all of the same information conveyed by traditional notation.)

To learn more about Clairnote SN, begin with the staff and then explore how Clairnote SN represents common musical patterns:

Next learn about all the various aspects of Clairnote SN as an alternative music notation system:

Check out Clairnote DN, a notation system that's similar to Clairnote SN: