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Learn to read notes and intervals in Clairnote DN by playing some simple games. Click the start button and notes will appear on the upper staff. Then play the notes one by one on the keyboard below the staff. This is a fun way to interactively practice reading notes on the staff.

In addition to the traditional keyboard you can also practice reading notes using a Janko-style keyboard , guitar, violin, or mandolin. For a new challenge, you can select a different set of notes by using the menu above the staves. You can also change the number of notes or intervals that are shown on the staff by using the "4 at a Time" menu.

To practice identifying intervals, start with the "Intervals: Number and Quality" game on "Level 1" and work your way up through the levels. Each new level adds one new interval in an intentional sequence that is designed to provide a gradual and incremental learning curve. (See Intervals.) In addition to the levels it can be helpful to practice the intervals with just odd or just even numbers of semitones in isolation. You can also fully customize which intervals you want to include or exclude from a game.

For a different interval challenge, you can work your way up the levels of the "Intervals: Numbers Only" game where you just identify the intervals by number ("third") rather than number and quality ("major third"), which is more like reading intervals in traditional music notation (where the quality of intervals is not explicitly visible on the staff).

The "Notes: Trumpet" game helps you learn trumpet fingerings, and it assumes that you are reading notes in concert pitch and playing them on a B-flat trumpet. (Note that this is not the usual way music for B-flat instruments is written in traditional music notation, where a B-flat note is written as a C.)

The score is the total number of correct responses minus the number of incorrect responses. If you hover your cursor over the score with your mouse, you can see the breakdown of correct and incorrect responses.

Have a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI instrument? Download the NoteTrainer application.