Sheet Music Library Now With Search

Just a quick post to announce that I have revamped the Clairnote Sheet Music Library, providing a number of improvements. Adding search was the primary motivation.  Previously you had to rely on your browser’s “find text on the page” feature to approximate search functionality.  Now we have real search as we’ve come to expect, with only the relevant results shown, sorted by how well they match the search term(s). Continue reading

Note Head Shapes Refined

In addition to the new key signatures covered in the previous post, the latest file (see Software:LilyPond) also includes revised note head shapes.  These new shapes provide a little polish, a touch of subtle refinement for the aesthetics of Clairnote sheet music produced by LilyPond. Lets take a look! Continue reading

New Key Signatures

Clairnote now has newly revised key signatures that are simpler, more compact, and easier to read, while providing more information and greater parity with traditional key signatures.  Namely, they now indicate which notes in the key are sharp or flat, and not just how many are sharp or flat.  This greater parity makes it easier to learn both Clairnote and traditional notation, to switch from one to the other, and to use certain aspects of standard music theory with Clairnote. Continue reading

Stems and 3-Octave Staves

As 2015 hurtles to a close it is a good time to look back at recent improvements to the code for rendering Clairnote with LilyPond.  At this point it seems like a story of diminishing returns for effort expended, perhaps some version of that 80/20 thing, where 80% of the effort goes towards 20% of the functionality, as more marginal “corner cases” take more effort to implement or fix.  (Or maybe it’s just the 90/90 rule?)  The main focus of this blog post is a case in point – getting the correct default stem direction on 3-octave staves. Continue reading