A Sight-Singing Anthology in Clairnote

Recently, through the LilyPond user listserv, I was pleased to discover Eyes and Ears, an anthology of melodies for practicing sight-singing that is available for free download, under a Creative Commons license, with source files in LilyPond format.  With some work I was able to convert the book into Clairnote music notation, and you can now download it from the More Sheet Music page. Continue reading

Traditional Irish Music from “The Session” in Clairnote

The Session is an amazing website that focuses on traditional Irish music — reels, jigs, waltzes, etc.  In addition to listings of events, jam sessions, and recordings, it offers sheet music for literally thousands of traditional Irish tunes for free download.  Thanks to a recent conversion effort, over one thousand of them are now available in Clairnote music notation.

Continue reading

Announcing LilyBin + Clairnote

LilyBin is a website that offers a convenient web-based interface for using LilyPond.  While it is not fully-featured like Frescobaldi, it lets you try LilyPond without having to install it first and it lets you use LilyPond on a tablet or phone where (unfortunately) LilyPond can’t be installed.  Today I’m pleased to announce LilyBin + Clairnote, a version of LilyBin that supports Clairnote music notation. Check it out! And read on to learn about the technical details involved in making it. Continue reading

Sheet Music Library Now With Search

Just a quick post to announce that I have revamped the Clairnote Sheet Music Library, providing a number of improvements. Adding search was the primary motivation.  Previously you had to rely on your browser’s “find text on the page” feature to approximate search functionality.  Now we have real search as we’ve come to expect, with only the relevant results shown, sorted by how well they match the search term(s). Continue reading