Handwritten Clairnote

2015-04-14 — By Paul Morris — Sheet Music

With all the attention we give to software for Clairnote it’s easy to forget that you can also write music in Clairnote by hand. Just grab a pen, print out some blank staff paper, and go to town!

Recently a Clairnote user generously contributed a number of works that he had written out by hand so that we can offer them here on the Clairnote website.  Check them out on the new page for Handwritten Sheet Music. They are primarily works for guitar, written on three-octave staves like the one shown below.  Our many thanks to him for this!


Computer geeks need not fear however, as there is also a new version of the clairnote-code.ly clairnote.ly file that is available from the Software: LilyPond page. It offers a number of improvements that we’ll cover in future posts.

Update: the “clairnote-code.ly” file was renamed “clairnote.ly” on May 15, 2017.